Patrick Hutton

General Manager


Patrick Hutton Jr

VP Design & Development


Alejandro (Alex) Gibbs

Construction Contractor


William Ullrich

Construction Superintendent 


Beverly Smith

Administration Manager


Our Team

John French

 Construction Field Administrator/Contractor


Guido Leiendecker

Sales & Financing Manager


Team of Professionals

Our owners have been delivering on their promise to provide affordably priced homes with unique  designs. Each of the homes are visually dynamic, yet environmentally friendly, and built to endure Florida's climate & mother nature's wrath.

We apply sound principles, using high efficiency and eco-friendly materials to create homes designed to weather Florida's climate utilizing modern technology. 

We look forward to building your family 's oasis, vacation home or income property...

Our Philosophy

Stop Dreaming...Make it a Reality.

Caribbean Homes continuely to strives to offer affordably priced homes, making dreams a reality. 

Each of our homes are innovatively designed, offering high efficiency amenities throughout, and constructed to withstand Florida's climate.  

Our goal is to ensure, and work with each of our clients individually, to make  building their New Home both a rewarding and effortless-like experience.

It is a Great Honor and pleasure for each of our professional to provide their expertise, that is turning so many Dreams into Reality!!

Integrity:  We are dedicated and committed to the delivery of services with honesty, reliability, and flexibility.
Empathy:  We will be compassionate to others, understanding to diversity.
Teamwork:  We will build and maintain productive working relationships and take pride in providing efficient and effective pathways.
Communication:  We value a positive attitude, trust, initiative and compassion with a high standard of professionalism and open communication with our citizens.

Customer Satisfaction:  We will meet all our customers’ needs in a professional and courteous manner.   We will be proactive and achieve the highest level of excellence in our products and services.

Quality of Life:  In partnership with the communities where we build, we are stewards within our unique environment. We meet the economic, social, cultural, institutional and environmental tools that enable families the realization of owning their very own home.

Eco-Friendly: Preserving our natural resources, utilizing technology and material that are innovative, modern, energy efficiency